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Company Overview: MaintSmart Software, Inc.

Company Information
MaintSmart Software, Inc.
2455 Maple Leaf Suite #8
North Bend, OR 97459

Contact Information
Website: www.maintsmart.com
Phone: +1-541-751-0450

MaintSmart CMMS software quickly because popular both domestically and internationally. The software’s international popularity spiked in 2000 with the release the translatable version of MaintSmart. Currently the software is used in approximately 40 countries outside the USA. One notable example is Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity and their use of the CMMS to manage the critical equipment at 40 gas-powered electrical turbine power plants. In 2002 a web-based version of MaintSmart was released. This product is widely used by hospitals, colleges and hospitality maintenance operations where many potential work requester typically use the system. In 2015 MaintSmart Cloud became available. This is the full enterprise system with extended support for one monthly fee. No hardware, IT personnel or system maintenance is needed by the end-user for this implementation.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Equipment Maintenance Software
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 8