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Company Overview: Elsyca

Company Information
Vaartdijk 3/603
Wijgmaal, 3018

Contact Information
Website: www.elsyca.com
Phone: +32 16 47 49 60
Phone: +32 16 47 49 61
Executive Contact: Luc Wanten
Sales Contact: Jacques Parlongue

Elsyca’s numerical cathodic protection modelling technology provides significant benefit through reliable and cost-effective designs of cathodic protection systems for any given complexity of networks and structures. It allows troubleshooting of existing infrastructures by identifying under- and over-protected regions, and it complements survey activities with data validation and providing practical engineering insight. The Elsyca technology is complemented by a strong Elsyca team of cathodic protection specialists ranging from field technicians and cathodic protection engineers up to design masters. Corrosion induced failures in oil & gas pipelines or in on-/off-shore metallic structures can have severe environmental and economic consequences. While protective coatings offer a first barrier, accelerated corrosion will occur at breaks (holidays) in the coating due to damage during installation or later degradation. For this reason, the installation of properly designed cathodic protection (CP) systems is required. Having a strong focus on R&D, Elsyca strives to continuously incorporate innovations in the site survey activities as well as in the design and troubleshooting services.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: engineering
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20