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Company Overview: Bennett Offshore, L.L.C.

Company Information
Bennett Offshore, L.L.C.
5177 Richmond Ave., Suite 1188
Houston, TX 70056

Contact Information
Website: www.bennettoffshore.com
Phone: 713.961.7737
Phone: 713.961.0861

Bennett Offshore can provide any level of engineering support, from basic design services for liftboats to be constructed anywhere, to turn-key solutions through our association with Keppel Offshore & Marine. As a member of the Keppel Group, our design team is leveraging our access to Keppel shipyards and Keppel construction experience to make Bennett Offshore the most trusted named in liftboat design. See part of our portfolio here.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Liftboats, engineering, design, offshore
Ownership: Private