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Suite 319, Greystone Park
Office sector 5511 Highway 280

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Website: www.empowering-technologies.com
Phone: +1 256 404 4929

Based on our core Ultrasonic Peening technology, EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES has developed technics, applications and equipments:

Ultrasonic Shot Peening Our Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) application is used to improve fatigue life, resistance to stress corrosion cracking and fretting fatigue. It will introduce beneficial compressive residual stresses which guarantee an increased life time.

Ultrasonic Needle Straightening The Ultrasonic Needle Straightening (UNS) is an automatic or handheld technic that can be used directly on the jig in order to straighten your parts. One of the main advantages of that technology is the possibility to treat complex geometries

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment The purpose is the same than the USP, but its applications are focused on welded components. The peening is done on the welds in order to reduce the notching effects and introduce stresses in the area that has been affected by heat.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Ultrasonic Impact Treatment, Ultrasonic Needle Straightening, Ultrasonic Shot Peening
Ownership: Private