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Company Overview: Safoco Controls

Company Information
Safoco Controls
11427 Todd St
Houston, TX 77055

Contact Information
Website: www.safococontrols.com
Phone: 713-956-1595
Phone: 713-956-2449

Safoco Controls originated in the fall of 2009, when executives at Safoco spearheaded an effort to develop a safety control system to complement their line of surface safety valves. Recognizing the need for a more simple and reliable way to remotely trigger the Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system at a wellhead, Safoco Controls began to design a solution that became the SAMI (Safety Automated Monitoring Instrument). With the modern day oil and gas boom brought by the advent of hydraulic fracturing, Safoco quickly realized the need for increased safety within this new industry and frequently heard of over-pressurization concerns from customers, Safoco implemented an initiative to produce the FRV (Fracturing Relief Valve). Drawing its roots from the reliable simplicity of Safoco products, Safoco Controls is committed to creating innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry. For more information about Safoco's line of surface safety valves, please visit www.safoco.com

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Surface Safety Systems
Ownership: Private