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Campus de Ker lann
Rue Simeon Poisson
Bruz, 35170

Contact Information
Website: www.saltel-industries.com/en/
Phone: +33618075011
Phone: +33223416399
Executive Contact: Jean Louis Saltel
HR Contact: Jean Louis Saltel
Sales Contact: James Leighton
Investor Contact: Jean Louis Saltel

SALTEL INDUSTRIES provides innovative products and services for the oil industry.

  • Expandable Steel Patches
    Production optimisation (Water shut-off, Gas shut off, sand control),Well maintenance and casing repair (parted casing, casing leaks, tubing leaks, corrosion, sliding sleeves, perforation shut-off), New well applications (Frac ports, diverter valves, cement ports), Multi diameter sealing.

    To improve Frac efficiency, and reduce risks of groundwater contamination. The AZIP is a perfect set for the following applications:
    •Multi stage Fracturation
    •Zonal Isolation and Plugs
    •Multi Stage cementing
    •Cement assurance
    •Coal Seam Gaz – coal bed methane
    •Steam Injection (SAGD – Steam assisted gravity Drain)

    The integration of a Pressure Compensation System enables the creation of a perfect seal whatever the differential pressure. The Annular Zonal Isolation Packer is slid onto the completion casing and crimped to anchor effectively with no welding. The AZIP makes a permanent seal against the wellbore:the High anchoring Crimping system guarantees the integrity of the total completion. In cases of high pressure, a double sleeve AZIP with an injection port allows pressure to penetrate between the inner and outer sleeves to balance the pressure and ensure zero leak.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Inflatable Packer Expandable Technologies
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 75