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Company Overview: Landsea Group

Company Information
Landsea Group
47 Kallang Pudding Road #10-04
Singapore, 349318

Contact Information
Website: www.lsea.com.sg
Phone: +65 6694 8919
Phone: +65 6415 1328
Executive Contact: Javen Tan

For over 30 years, LandSea Group has been supplying the Oil and Gas industry with a wide range of high quality equipment. With offices in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, we are composed of skilled and experienced personnel who are dedicated in providing our clientele top notch services and sales support.

At LandSea Group, we provide Cased Hole Logging System, Open Hole Logging System, Perforating Guns, Slicklines and Braided Lines to Well Logging Services Companies, NOV Mission Well Service Products to the Oil & Gas Services Companies, and High-Quality Wire Ropes to Drilling Companies.

LandSea is certified ISO 9001: 2008 for both UKAS (Cert SGD001229) & SAC (Cert SGD001229/SAC) issued by Bureau Veritas.

LandSea offers you a one-stop solution for Well Service Products, Wire Ropes, Cased Hole and Open Hole Logging System.

- ELIS Open Hole Logging System
- CLIS Cased Hole Logging System
- Cased and Open Hole Interpretation Services
- Open Hole Surface Acquisition Unit (Skid & E-Truck)
- Perforating Gun
- Well Service Products (Anson Flowline Equipment, BLAK-JAK Equipment, Centrifugal Pumps, Check Valves, Choke Manifolds and Cement Manifolds, Choke Valves, Christmas and Tree Flowheads, Control System for Surface Safety Valves, Custom Dies and Inserts, Fluid End Expendables, Fluid End Modules, Frac Manifold Trailer, Gate Valves, Plug Valves, Pressure Gauges and Float Valves, Re-certification, Service and Rental, Relief Valves, Reset Relief Valves, Surface Safety Valves, Well Service Pump Expendables, Well Service Pumps, Wellheads & Frac Trees)
- Wireline (Slickline) & Strands (Braided Line)
- Wire Ropes (Crane Ropes, Drilling Lines, Riser Tensioners, Tubing Lines, Sand & Winch Lines)

Kindly contact us or visit our website at www.lsea.com.sg for more information.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Equipment Distributor
Ownership: Private