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Company Overview: Tekniskill Resources PL

Company Information
Tekniskill Resources PL
102, A-33 Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi, 110027

Contact Information
Website: www.tekniskill.com
Phone: +91.11.25101111, 25161118
Phone: +91.11.25162424
Executive Contact: Harish K. Batra

Tekniskill Manpower, a specialized technical manpower employment agency based in India, to recruits appropriate technical Indian personnel for international companies.

Tekniskill, with associates in Middle East, Europe and American Continent, has 'export' to all type of industries throughout the world, hundreds of various skilled workers, experts, specialized construction, mechanical, engineering teams, etc.

Due to its time-honored history, India is rich in various kinds of master workers. In the past twenty years, a large number of multinational foreign-funded companies have flooded into India, and the Indian Government has also injected large amount of fund into education and vocational training to establish a higher education system in the country. Millions of graduates with high qualification or full-time professional training backgrounds join the talent market, providing abundant 'resources' for our company to send Indian personnel to all over the world.

Besides providing all kinds of technicians, engineers, professionals or workers (such as engineers, supervisors, welders, fabricators, plumber, electricians, helpers etc.), Tekniskill, in accordance with the requirements of a specific project, may also form a complete team of workers and specialists who can carry out common or special tasks independently.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Contract Staffing | Energy Sector | Oil & Gas | Mining
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 10