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Company Overview: Slam Proof Ltd

Company Information
Slam Proof Ltd
95 Cumeragh Lane
Preston, PR3 2AN

Contact Information
Website: www.slamproof.co.uk
Phone: 01772 865784
Phone: 0844 3659967
Executive Contact: Neil Croston

Slam Proof Ltd supply a large range of motion control products, primarily used to decelerate impacting masses, control velocity, isolate vibration and assist movement. Technical assistance is readily provided by our sales team to find an appropriate solution for your application. The continuous production of custom designs allow us to meet nearly all requirements in a variety of industries with quick delivery times. Available products include Shock Absorbers, Heavy Duty Buffers, Hydraulic Dampers, High Torque Rotary Dampers, Door Dampers, Gas Springs, Air Springs, Crane Buffers, Deceleration Cylinders and Metal Cushions.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Specialists in Motion Control
Ownership: Private