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Company Overview: EKT Interactive

Company Information
EKT Interactive
505 North Sam Houston Pkwy East
Suite 515
Houston, TX 77060

Contact Information
Website: www.ektinteractive.com
Phone: 713-419-6912
Executive Contact: Marty Stetzer

EKT Interactive, Inc is a leading provider of customized, large-scale, interactive safety and operations training programs for the oil & gas industry. Our web-based e-learning program, accessible at your convenience, saves time away from the job and travel costs. Learning is self-paced and interactive with progress self-testing at topic milestones. Rich content incorporates pre-work, videos, “war stories” and a glossary to enable rapid and comprehensive fuel quality knowledge transfer. Online learning modules are developed by field-experienced oil and gas instruction experts using proven web learning applications that closely match the classroom effectiveness. Social media enables all to communicate easily with our subject matter experts and the student community. Programs are SCORM compliant and integrate with your company Learning Management System. Modules available on the web enable you to review and refresh learning in the future.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Safety and Operations Training
Ownership: Private