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Company Overview: Environmental Mats

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Environmental Mats
8545 Willow Cale Forest Road

Contact Information
Website: www.envmats.ca
Phone: 250-613-7218
Phone: 250-561-7068

A CANADIAN COMPANY Our single business focus is the "production of the highest quality, lightweight wood mats for use in road, lease and pipeline construction." With past experience in road and lease construction for the oil and gas industry and with a focus on quality, we have designed and engineered Environmental Mats for strength and durability while creating a lighter mat to meet the growing needs of a growing industry. Located in Prince George, BC, Environmental Mats Ltd. is at the cross-roads of both rail and road transportation providing easy access anywhere in North America.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Rig Mats, Swamp Mats, Access Mats, Crane Mats
Ownership: Private