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Company Overview: Protek Specialty Co

Company Information
Protek Specialty Co
5116 Elm Street
Houston, TX 77081

Contact Information
Website: www.protekspecialty.com
Phone: 7136676691
Phone: 7136677867
Executive Contact: Sales

Protek Specialty manufactures pumps. pumping equipment, and priming devices and parts for the oil & gas industry, firefighting industry, chemical industry, agricultural industry, and municipal industry. Protek Specialty Co was started over 60 years ago, and is committed to providing high quality, innovative products to meet the changing demands of businesses around the globe. The most popular priming devices sold by Protek Specialty are hand diaphragm primers, power primer pumps, manifold primers, exhaust primers, hand diaphragm pumps, and motorized diaphragm pumps. The most common pumps manufactured by Protek Specialty Co are hand diaphragm pumps and motorized diaphragm pumps. Oil field products manufactured and sold by Protek are oil thiefs (petroleum samplers, oil samplers) and oil centrifuge machines. Although Protek primarily manufactures comprehensive pumping and priming devices, they also manufacture parts for priming and pumping equipment.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pump & Priming Device Manufacturer
Ownership: Private