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Company Overview: TXAM Pumps

Company Information
TXAM Pumps
5623 Tuskegee
Houston, TX 77091

Contact Information
Website: www.txampumps.com
Phone: 281-714-9624
Phone: 713-692-6401
Executive Contact: Seth Douglas
Sales Contact: Seth Douglas

Solar, Electric, and Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pumps. Since 1986, TXAM has been an innovator in the manufacturing of safe chemical injectors. With an imaginative eye for the future, TXAM has designed, produced, field tested and patented an electronic control system for chemical injection. The electronic control system can be installed on any pneumatic driven chemical injector. TXAM also leads the field in manufacturing & marketing of totally solar powered chemical injectors. Our solar pumps produce the highest pressures and highest volumes with least amount of energy consumption. Their application covers a wide range, including capillary injection, foamers, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foamers etc...

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Chemical Injection Pumps
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 49