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Company Overview: Logan International Inc.

Company Information
Logan International Inc.
7850 North Sam Houston Parkway West
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77064

Contact Information
Website: www.loganinternationalinc.com
Phone: 832.386.2500
Phone: 281.219.6614
HR Contact: LuLuGluk
Sales Contact: Robert Stallings
Investor Contact: Lawrence Keister

Logan International Inc. and our subsidiaries manufacture and sell a comprehensive line of tools used in worldwide drilling and production activities. Our quality fishing and intervention tools, including retrieving, stroking, and remedial tools, and power swivels are used in well work-over, intervention, drilling, and completion activities across the globe. Logan manufactures and sells high-performance poly-crystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters and bearings, packers, bridge plugs, and other completion products. Our multi-zonal completion technology and conventional completion production products and services are focused on production optimization in sand-laden, heavy oil wells. Logan also provides proprietary tools that enhance the effectiveness of horizontal drilling. The companies of Logan International strive to provide unmatched quality service and delivery to benefit our clients.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Fishing, downhole and production tools
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: TSX
Stock Ticker: LII
Number of Employees: 650