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Company Overview: Murchison Drilling Schools

Company Information
Murchison Drilling Schools
P.O. Box 14577
Albuquerque, NM 87191

Contact Information
Website: www.murchisondrillingschools.com
Phone: (505) 293-6271
Phone: (505) 298-5294

Murchison Drilling Schools began in 1977 and has been training people on a worldwide basis since that time.

One of the keys to the school's success in training is the use of case histories. Bill Murchison kept very good notes throughout his career and is able to help men and women learn valuable lessons from first hand experiences.

Another key that has helped Murchison Drilling Schools to be highly successful has been its approach to well control and other drilling problems. Mr. Murchison teaches drilling problems such as well control the same way that the hole is drilled. He approaches each section of the hole differently, explaining the problems and solutions that are unique to that section of hole. Thus, well control and other drilling problems are covered several times during the course and students gain a better overall understanding of drilling problems.

Another key to the program's success in training has been the use of workshops and homework. MDS provides a conference room at the hotel for the students to work on the homework together. Students are required to complete many homework assignments. This helps them apply the things that are taught and also helps to extend the course into areas that are not covered in lectures. Before students turn in their homework, time is spent helping them with any homework problems.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Training
Ownership: Private