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Company Overview: MAJR Resources, Inc.

Company Information
MAJR Resources, Inc.
5717 Arbor Hills Way
The Colony, TX 75056

Contact Information
Website: www.majrresources.com
Phone: 214-493-7263
Phone: 800-933-0975
Executive Contact: Mario Alvarez Jr

MAJR Resources, Inc. specializes in identifying strong resource plays, and the projects within these resource plays, that have high yielding returns. We perform the necessary business administrations for the Acquisitions and/or Joint Ventures. MAJR Resources, Inc. has been providing services and consultation for all energy and communication related industries since 2005. As of 2010, we restructured the company’s core purpose from operating solely as a service provider and consultant, to pursuing our vision of adding the Acquisitions Phase of our company. By conducting research and consulting with experienced Industry Independents, Geologists, Engineers, Land Professionals, and Business Development Professionals, we have not only become significantly educated, but we have also learned to deplete “over-hyped” projects from our databases immediately. In assessing properties, we evaluate key factors within the project(s), and within the operator(s), that will inevitably evolve into high yielding projects for prospective investors and partners. Also, we ensure that the projects are being operated with industry proven technology to optimize new production and secondary recovery production of oil and gas wells. We assist in developing undervalued prospects into HIGH YIELDING PROSPECTS.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Acquisition and Development
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 3