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Company Overview: AES Marine Consultants

Company Information
AES Marine Consultants
PO Box 23331
San Antonio, TX 78223

Contact Information
Website: www.aesmarine.com
Phone: 1 (210) 430-3469
Phone: 1 (210) 568-6145
Executive Contact: Tony Rosales
HR Contact: Khandra Faulkner-Urena
Sales Contact: Barbara Leigh

AES Marine is dedicated to ensuring that your project, company and personnel meet and/or exceed regulatory standards, company's HSE expectations and most important, remains working. Our trained, experienced and successful safety professionals, who are backed by a support structure of other experts and specialists, may support many of the following needs: Compliance and Regulatory Auditing, Comprehensive HSE Program Development, Learning Management Systems (online CBT) Development and Administration, Loss Prevention Strategies, Project HSE Support, Incident Investigation & Corrective Action Planning, and countless other HSE needs. Our firm of domestic and international consultants will act in the best interest of your company or project to reduce and eliminate work related injuries by developing and/or promoting established safe work practices for those working at the office, at the construction site, in marine environment, or in oil and gas exploration and production industries. We realize that safety is the most important factor in an organization, and we will instill that fact into the mindset of your employees. AES strives to assist our clients to develop and implement sustainable Quality Health, Safety and Environmental Programs which adhere to industry guidelines. AES Marine created the E-Learning Platform to meet the growing need to be able to communicate these programs and provide training on a global scale. Through real-world experience and high-motivated professional staff, we have developed a low-cost internet-based education system which provide informative and interactive online training. We have general industry training commercially available today, or we can develop client specific training modules which can fit your needs.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: QHSE Compliance Services, QHSE Program Development, Learning Management Services (LMS/CBT)
Ownership: Private