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Company Overview: TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools

Company Information
TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools
1025 Conroy Place
Easton, PA 18040

Contact Information
Website: www.torcup.com
Phone: 610-250-5800
Phone: 610-250-2700
Executive Contact: John Kovacs
Sales Contact: Sales Manager

So what is it that makes a great hydraulic wrench? Most wrenches are a series of compromises. The result is usually rational – even impressive on paper – but often bland and soulless in reality. Great wrenches should be all about durabiltiy, reliability and user safety! Even Better - TorcUP Wrenches Look Great, Operate Great and Have The Durability and Reliability To Support You In Every Bolting Related Facet Of Your Business!! Full line of hydraulic and pneumatic wrenches, industrial impact sockets, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic hoses and all associated equipment is stock at your local TorcUP sales, service and rental facility. Call for you No-Charge On-Site Product Demonstration. See for yourself why TorcUP is the Worldwide Leader in Hydraulic Bolting Tool Technology!!

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial Bolting Tools
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 50