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Company Overview: RFI Seals & Gaskets Ltd

Company Information
RFI Seals & Gaskets Ltd
Headquarters House
4 Penhole Close
Coads Green, PL15 7NQ

Contact Information
Website: www.rfiseals.co.uk
Phone: (44) 01566 782822
Phone: (44) 01566 782922
Sales Contact: Mr Blair Johnstone

RFI Seals & Gaskets Ltd was formed in 1996 to bridge the gap between the traditional seal and gasket manufacturer who supplied only non shielding materials and the shielding manufacturers who only supplied shielded materials. What RFI Seals & Gaskets Ltd has done is to take people from both industries and applied that knowledge to enable them too not just manufacture and supply the traditional product ranges from both industries under one roof but to take that joint knowledge to develop new products. These new products are designed to satisfy multiple criteria such as combined high shielding and high IP levels but at far more commercial costs. The savings we made for a telecommunications cabinet manufacturer illustrate a practical example of what this new philosophy can achieve. It is true that our biggest savings have been on shielding applications but because some of these materials are made using particles of gold and silver they are very expensive and so we have developed manufacturing techniques to minimise waste, scrap and off-cuts.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufacture of Seals, Gaskets & Shielding products
Ownership: Private