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Company Overview: Lowther Rolton

Company Information
Lowther Rolton
4314 Tarlton Way
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Contact Information
Website: lowther-rolton.com/
Phone: 7133140683
Executive Contact: Doug Ferguson
HR Contact: Doug Ferguson
Sales Contact: Doug Ferguson
Investor Contact: Doug Ferguson

Lowther-Rolton International Ltd was formed in 1987 to provide Clients with an independent engineering service in construction technology by concentrating on the construction techniques, design, planning and Technical Auditing to enhance safe construction and engineering activities fundamental to a project. Lowther-Rolton International Ltd are specialized in engineering and planning for modularization. We provide engineering and consultancy for heavy lift and transportation schemes including third part audit. As professional consultants, we specialize in engineering the load movement of all types of modularized and pre-cast structures in the fields of petrochemical (upstream/offshore and downstream/refining), energy, bridge construction and other specialist fields. Lowther-Rolton LLC is now open serving the Houston, Gulf Coast and North and South American regions.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Consultancy for heavy lift and transport
Ownership: Private