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Company Overview: Nitog Resources Inc.

Company Information
Nitog Resources Inc.
5959 Westheimer Rd. Suite 114
Houston , TX 77063

Contact Information
Website: www.nitog.com
Phone: 832 205 6662
Executive Contact: Wajid Siddiqui

Oil and Gas Lease Acquisition Geologic and Production Data Package. Package Content : Production Curves, Zero Time plots, Data table containing permits, production, formation of producers and several other details of the surrounding Leases, Logs display for selection of formation, Cross Sections (Pay Zone data), Structure , Stratigraphic ,Isopach , Water Cut, GOR and Permit Maps, Lease Display on Google Earth, Lease digitizing from picture (with reference point on real map) , Decline Curves with Forecast data, Scout tickets, Water Cut Production Bubble Map and several other customized reports.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Engineering Reports, Teaching
Ownership: Private