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Company Overview: Rig Manufacturing LLC

Company Information
Rig Manufacturing LLC
33434 FM 529
Brookshire, TX 77423

Contact Information
Website: www.rigmanufacturing.com
Phone: 281-909-7447
Sales Contact: Billy Gamble

Rig Manufacturing’s 27 Acre facility is based out of Northwest Houston area in Brookshire, Texas. RMC is an international experienced company with decades of knowledge in the manufacturing process of drilling rigs, fabrication, drilling equipment and parts for the oil & gas or geothermal drilling industries. We can offer new drilling rigs, fabrication, drilling equipment and drilling equipment spare parts. Experience in past drilling rig projects include drilling rigs from 750HP to 3000HP. These rigs include power arrangements from mechanically driven, DC-SCR driven and AC-VFD driven. Experience in drilling fabrication includes Mast & Substructure, Mud systems (Mud Tanks, Hopper Skids, Mud Labs), Water, Trip, Brake, Fuel Tanks, Workshops/Warehouses (Welding, Mech-Elec, Parts), Mud Pumps (Master Skids, Cold Enclosures), Engine Generator (Master Skids, MCC-Gen, Cold Enclosures), Pipe Racks, Pipe Bins, Catwalks, V-door, Pressure Related (Poor-Boys, Manifolds, Koomey Skids), Skidding Beams, Spoolers, Cable Trays. Experience in drilling equipment includes drawworks, top drives, rotary tables, mud pumps, mud monitoring, rig instrumentation, gas detection, traveling blocks, hooks, rotary swivels, casing stabbing boards, solids equipment, generator sets, SCR houses, VFD houses, living quarter camps, choke manifolds, standpipe manifolds, Diverters, Annulars, Single RAM BOP, Double RAM BOP, BOP Handling systems, drill line spoolers, hydraulic catheads (Ezy-torque), closing units (Koomey), rig walkers, iron roughnecks, wire line units, drill pipe, drill collars, pup joints, fishing tools and hydraulically powered pipe handling catwalks. Our Focus at RMC is: - New Land Drilling Rig Construction/Land & Offshore Fabrication Projects - New Drilling Equipment Components or Packages - Aftermarket Drilling Equipment Parts - USA Procurement cost plus and Inspection services for international customers

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Land Rigs
Ownership: Private