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Company Overview: Energy Auction Place LLC

Company Information
Energy Auction Place LLC
1675 Larimer St., Ste 740
Denver, CO 80202

Contact Information
Website: www.energyauctionplace.com
Phone: 303-623-0747

Energy Auction Place is a full service on-line auction site were interests in oil and gas properties are bought and sold over the World Wide Web with a minimum of expense and effort on the part of our members. Important property information and conveyance documents are available with the click of a button at no cost. The information available on the site is extensive and pertinent, but it is no substitute for a thorough due diligence review prior to bidding.

Access to the auction site is limited to registered buyers who are sophisticated in the purchase and sale of oil and gas properties. Each property is auctioned off at a predetermined time so everyone knows in advance when to be on-line. For your security and convenience, all funds are handled through an escrow account with Guaranty Bank & Trust Company. We handle the closing and title transfer.


  • Convenience of the World Wide Web
  • Work and bid from anywhere there is a PC and a phone line
  • Sellers get maximum exposure to qualified buyers
  • Very low property selling cost
  • Buyer registration is quick and FREE
  • Site use and property information is FREE
  • Extensive property sorting capability
  • Important property and well information available on-line at no cost
  • Conveyance documents available on-line at no cost
  • No need to travel to an auction site
  • Convenience of pre-set bid closing times
  • No money transferred over the Web
  • Cash handled by an escrow agent
  • We handle the closing and title transfer
  • Securities Services provided by Neidiger, Tucker, Bruner, Inc. member NASD/SIPC

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Property Auctions
Ownership: Private