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Company Overview: BMT ARGOSS

Company Information
Voorsterweg 28
Marknesse, 8316 PT

Contact Information
Website: www.bmtargoss.com
Phone: +31 527 242299

BMT ARGOSS provides maritime and MetOcean consultancy services. We help our clients elevate their operational efficiency, calculate the weather risk on marine operations and assess MetOcean engineering design requirements and port design feasibility. To provide our clients with the required fit-for-purpose information we use a suite of proprietary software applications and apply certified analysis techniques on validated data from numerical model hindcasts and measurement datasets. In addition to providing consultancy services BMT ARGOSS also supports ongoing operations and emergency response operations with a suite of forecast services.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: MetOcean & Maritime Consultancy and forecast services
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 85