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Company Overview: Brubay Shipcare Sdn Bhd

Company Information
Brubay Shipcare Sdn Bhd
Lo4, Block B, Shermadef Commercial Centre
1.5KM Jalan Patau-Patau
Labuan F.T., 87018

Contact Information
Website: www.brubay.com
Phone: 60128668678
Phone: 6087583126
Executive Contact: Fred Choo

BRUBAY SHIPCARE provides a package of cost-effective services to meet the needs of ships / rigs in hot and cold Lay-Ups in Labuan and can ensure the best possible service during lay-up. Brubay provide a safe, secure and restricted anchorage location at the Brunei Bay, away from typhoon-affected areas and piracy and owners of ships to be laid-up are assured peace of mind. Brubay will provide a range of services to protect, lay-up and reactivate vessels. These will include risk assessment, a safe mooring, a lay-up plan, dehumidification of space, 24/7 watchmen, routine tasks and maintenance, reporting and record keeping, provision of equipment including generators, permitted workboats, cargo boat, landing craft, warehouse facilities, crew repatriation, garbage disposal, FW and bunkers and a full re-activation service. We operate our lay-up services from our base in Labuan and is a centre for available supply of most services and items required for vessels during lay-up and reactivation

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Rig Stacking and Ship Lay-up Solutiuons
Ownership: Private