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Company Overview: Control Zone Solutions

Company Information
Control Zone Solutions
242 Morningside Dr.
Mandeville, LA 70448

Contact Information
Website: controlzonesolutions.com
Phone: 504-957-5032
Executive Contact: Kelly Sullivan
HR Contact: Allen Watson
Sales Contact: Dustin Dupepe
Investor Contact: Cile Spelce Elley

Workplace performance and safety are critical to organizational effectiveness. Our HPSI program is based on research-based human performance improvement and safety management principles. It is designed to accomplish two (2) objectives: Reduce human error at the individual level; Strengthen safety culture at the group and organizational level. To summarize the model’s key tenants: Training employees to analyze their work activities in a systematic fashion will reduce human error, resulting in increased workplace safety and productivity. Training managers and leaders to be better decision-makers and stewards of safety will have a positive impact on employee attitudes regarding safety and performance (safety culture), resulting in increased workplace safety and productivity. There is a positive relationship between error reduction and safety culture. As the number of human errors decreases, safety culture strengthens. Likewise, as safety culture strengthens, the number of human errors decreases.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Human Performance Improvement
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 5