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Company Overview: Bolt Technology

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Bolt Technology
Four Duke Place
Norwalk, CT 06854

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Website: www.bolt-technology.com
Phone: 203.853.0700

In the 1960’s Bolt Technology Corporation revolutionized marine seismic exploration with the introduction of air gun technology. Since then, Bolt Technology has been the leading energy source supplier to the marine seismic industry. The Company has complemented the air gun business with strategic acquisitions of A-G Geophysical Products (1999) and Real Time Systems (2007). Teledyne A-G Geophysical Products is the leading supplier of underwater cables, connectors, hydrophones and depth and pressure transducers to the marine seismic industry. Teledyne Real-Time Systems develops, manufactures and sells controllers and synchronizers for air guns. The Company’s proprietary product suite comprises key components needed by seismic exploration vessels to acquire seismic data: the energy source (air gun), synchronization (controller) and communication between the guns and the controller (cables).” In January 2011, the Company expanded its group of proprietary products with the acquisition of Teledyne SeaBotix Inc. (“SeaBotix”). SeaBotix is a world-wide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems known under the trade name “Little Benthic Vehicles” (LBVsTM). SeaBotix LBVs are used for a variety of underwater tasks such as maritime security, search and recovery, aquaculture, scientific research, hydro and nuclear energy applications, forensic investigations, as well as inspections of off-shore oil and gas drilling platforms and pipelines. SeaBotix LBVs are designed for observation and light-duty work, and can be equipped with a variety of sensors including high-definition video cameras, imaging sonar, tracking systems, as well as various tools such as multifunction grabbers and cutting heads.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Seismic equipment (air guns)
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: AMEX
Stock Ticker: BTJ