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Company Overview: Intertek Testing Services

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Intertek Testing Services
P.O. Box 4660, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Sharjah, AP 4660

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Website: www.intertek.com/

Challenge: With today’s vast economic growth and industrialization to take advantage of overgrowing population it seems that environmental and human health safeguards is at risk. Decades of environmental mismanagement have created severe issues throughout the developed and developing world such as being so dependent in fossil fuels is one of the major problems we are facing today. Green house is one of the classic example of air pollution produced by combustion of fossil fuel. Solution: Intertek provides environmental services to monitor emissions from combustion source adopting international standards to ensure safety and data quality with on time results. Below are list of other testing Intertek can provide; 1. U.S. EPA Test Methodology and NIOSH Methods • Relative accuracy test audit (RATA) • Conditional Test Method 2. Other Test Methodologies • Visible emission / opacity determination 3. Indoor/ Ambient Air monitoring • Sampling, analysis, reporting, permit assistance for all point sources 4. Indoor and Ambient Noise Monitoring 5. Landfills and Groundwater • Sampling, analysis, and reporting for municipal or private facilities

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Environmental and Analytical Testing
Ownership: Public