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Company Overview: CAROL Rigging & Lifting Engineering

Company Information
CAROL Rigging & Lifting Engineering
3269 Pasadena Blvd.
Houston, TX 77503

Contact Information
Website: www.ccrlt.com
Phone: 713-475-7181

Engineered “BTH” Lifting Solutions Whether you are undertaking a single project or multi-project program, CAROL’s focused commitment is to manage the project delivery process for you, with your best interests at the forefront. We serve as your representative to all team members in the rigging and lifting process, thus providing an independent, knowledgeable, experienced, central point of contact. As a totally autonomous firm, CAROL brings clarity and consistency of your vision to all those involved in its realization. CAROL offers expertise and experience from the owner’s point of view, acting as an extension of your staff to strengthen your role. This unique perspective serves all team members well by averting the learning curve, enhancing communication, and reducing delays.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Engineered “BTH” Lifting Solutions
Ownership: Private