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Company Overview: Douglas-Westwood Limited

Company Information
Douglas-Westwood Limited
Pett Bottom
Canterbury, CT4 6EH

Contact Information
Website: www.dw-1.com
Phone: +44 1224 974771
Executive Contact: John Westwood
HR Contact: Lesley Lindsay0Watson
Sales Contact: Michael Robertson

The users of Douglas-Westwood business reports on the offshore industries include many of the world’s leading oil & gas companies, offshore service companies, their bankers, stockbrokers and departments of government. The reports are aimed at industry professionals, but assume readers have no technical knowledge of the subject. Each is designed to give a complete overview of the business sector and forecast future markets over a 5 year period. Some also include web access to a supporting database. They are acclaimed by readers and the world’s press and widely referenced.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Market Research Reports
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 10