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Company Overview: Gyrodata Inc

Company Information
Gyrodata Inc
23000 Northwest Lake Drive
Houston, TX 77095

Contact Information
Website: www.gyrodata.com/
Phone: +1-281-213-6300
Phone: +1-281-213-6301
Sales Contact: Steve Mullin

Gyrodata Incorporated provides the industry with high precision wellbore survey and guidance services, such as our new RGS Surveyor X-4 and our family of Gyro-Guide GWD (Gyro-While-Drilling) systems. Survey and guidance services are conducted using our in-house manufactured north seeking rate gyroscopes. The company also provides Monitor SWD/MWD tools, in-house designed and produced mud motors and our proprietary closed-loop, automated well-Guide RSS (Rotary Steerable System). With offices in over 50 countries, Gyrodata is capable of providing its services on a global scale.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Wellbore Surveying
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 750