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Company Overview: Global Polychem LLC

Company Information
Global Polychem LLC
10301 Northwest Freeways @ 506
Houston, TX 77092

Contact Information
Website: www.globalpolychem.com
Phone: 7136862007
Phone: 2815018730
Executive Contact: Sanjeev Jaiswal

Our primary business on the petroleum side is Buying & Selling any product that can be blended into a bunker, utility fuel, distillate or gasoline fuels. The Petroleum Division of Global Polychem LLC is specializing in procuring, blending, and processing petroleum, petrochemical, and waste streams products. Our Upstream products include crude oil and condensate. Downstream products include blending components for marine diesel oil, cutters for bunker blending, utility fuel oil, gasoline and distillates. Global Polychem trades refined petroleum products, off spec gasoline/diesel, by-products, Asphalt, Carbon Black Oil, Petrochemical co-products & Cutterstocks, Olefins, Naphthas, PGO, Aromatics, Alcohols, C4 – C18, Used Oil, Solvents, Gasoline Blends, Heavy Fuel Oil and Distillates.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Trading , Distribution, Blending Storage of Petrochemicals
Ownership: Private