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Company Overview: McAda Fluids Heating

Company Information
McAda Fluids Heating
P.O. Box 1080 720 Ave. F North, Rear Bldg.
Bay City, TX 77404-1080

Contact Information
Website: mcadafluidsheating.com
Phone: 979.244.3444
Phone: 979.244.4121
Executive Contact: James McAda

McAda Fluids Heating Services is a proven partner with a long list of major as well as independent oil companies successfully completing projects across North America since 2004 – projects that required the heating of frac fluids in frac tanks, in water pits, and on the fly. We meet the need for high-volume, on-demand frac fluids heating by providing world class equipment and service and expert knowledge. This is why we are the leader in frac fluids heating. Heat with us.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Frac Fluids Heating
Ownership: Private