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Company Overview: SIGIT Automation Corp.

Company Information
SIGIT Automation Corp.
5825 N. Sam Houston Pkwy W.
Suite 220
Houston, TX 77086

Contact Information
Website: www.sigitgroup.com
Phone: 866.485.6667
Executive Contact: Bill Sheats

SIGIT began its history of serving the petroleum and energy industry in 2004 by establishing SIGIT Automation; armed with years of industry experience, legacy opportunities and market demand for better skills and competency in the field, the Automation group quickly expanded into three clearly defined areas of expertise - Design & Drafting, Programming and Project Management. Innovation, managing scope, schedule, budget and the ability to deliver quality work soon became the trademarks of the SIGIT team. In the recent economic downturn, SIGIT Automation had double digit growth while others reduced their presence in the market. Focused on attracting subject matter with flow measurement - these two areas continue to be critical to the operations of an energy producer in today's oil & gas community. In 2009, the SIGIT Group was established to expand the vision as a solutions & services company into a company capable of expansion to other markets through prudent investments, a solid management team, a strategic approach and the continued investment of skilled people. Today, growth continues to play a major factor for the SIGIT group; SIGIT International was established in 2010 to prepare for expansion outside of Canada. With joint venture opportunities in play and potential acquistions on the horizon, the SIGIT Group is aligned with the next oil & gas growth cycle. With a commitment to providing innovative solutions and services for an industry that requires unparalleled service, the SIGIT Group remains focused to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Automation and Electrical Engineering
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 100