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Company Overview: DrillScan

Company Information
2000 South Dairy Ashford
Houston, TX 77077

Contact Information
Website: www.drillscan.com
Phone: 281-679-6370

DrillScan is a French company founded in 2001 with the goal of providing expert services and innovative software to the drilling industry. Our expertise is based on the results of 25 years of research carried out at Mines ParisTech University, and extensive laboratory and field validations in collaboration with operators. Thanks to our high quality advanced software platform WellScan, and our highly skilled team, DrillScan provides solutions in the fields of:Directional drilling, Torque & drag & buckling, Drillstring mechanics, Wellbore survey accuracy. DrillScan is an independent company whose values are scientific objectivity & close customer cooperation.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Software, Services
Ownership: Private