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Company Overview: Actenum Corporation

Company Information
Actenum Corporation
1700 Post Oak Boulevard
680 Minnows Lane
Bowen Island, TX V0N 1G2

Contact Information
Website: www.actenum.com
Phone: 713.963.3629
Executive Contact: Owen Plowman

Actenum develops upstream scheduling software for oil & gas operators.

Our DSO rig and well-delivery scheduling products create shareholder value for our clients by increasing operational efficiency, reducing cycle times, and improving collaboration within drilling teams.

Our clients, including some of the largest oil & gas companies in the world, use DSO to schedule and manage complex drilling programs, with demanding cycle times that sometimes involve thousands of wells, activities, and milestones. As well, they employ DSO's powerful optimization capability to align drilling sequences with business goals, and to respond rapidly and reliably to operational changes as they occur.

We deploy our software quickly to provide high ROI. And, we combine deep knowledge of optimization and upstream scheduling best practices to improve our clients' drilling program productivity.

Visit www.actenum.com to learn more.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Upstream scheduling and optimization software
Ownership: Private