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Company Overview: FalconRidge Oil Canada Ltd.

Company Information
FalconRidge Oil Canada Ltd.
17 - 120 West Beaver Creek Rd.
Richmond Hill, l4b1l2

Contact Information
Website: www.falconridgeoil.com
Phone: 905 771 8520 x 235
Phone: 9057710838
Executive Contact: Al Morra

Falconridge provides unprecedented value to the oil and gas industry through the implementation of its terra slicing technology for the revitalization of low performing or “dead” wells. Through the use of terra slicing, Falconridge is able to take a non performing asset and restore capacity to the well of 60-80% of its original flow rate. The technology will allow the well owner to access substantial reserves locked in the oil zone which was previously unattainable, greatly extending the life and value of the asset. TECHNOLOGY FalconRidge utilizes the Terraslicing technology for the revitalization of dead and underperforming wells. Details on the actual technology may be found on the FalconRidge website: www.falconridgeoil.com

Quick Facts

Line of Business: First World Trade Corp.
Ownership: Private