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Company Overview: Impac Exploration Services

Company Information
Impac Exploration Services
1501 Lera Drive Ste. 3
Weatherford, TX 73096

Contact Information
Website: impacxs.com
Phone: 888 959 0350

Working for Impac means working for one of the best geoscience companies in the U.S. So how do you join one of the best oil field service companies in the country? It’s not easy. A few key ingredients are: intense work ethic, extreme reliability, willingness to learn and to work varying schedules. We are very conscientious about the quality of work that our company produces and have very high standards for all of our team members. We use the best equipment with the best/user-friendly software currently on the market. We also have multiple support systems in place for our field personnel. We strive to hire excellent people, and we expect excellence. Great people make a great team and will keep our company strong. Fill out the form below, and attach a resume to get the process started. New Grads ›

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Mud Logging
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 40