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Company Overview: Scorpion Oil Tools

Company Information
Scorpion Oil Tools
13911 Faber St
Houston, TX 77037

Contact Information
Website: www.scorpion.net
Phone: 281-999-2222
Sales Contact: Joseph Rosenzweig

Scorpion Oil Tools offers a wide range of customizable break out / make up tongs that can be used in all types of drilling, including oil drilling, well drilling, mining, geophysical, and more. They can be used in areas with limited physical space and in horizontal and vertical positions. They can be powered by external power, such as a rig's hydraulic system, or can be self-contained using a built-in Scorpion power pack. Whatever the requirements, Scorpion Oil Tools specializes in customizing machines to meet the unique specifications of any project or application.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Tong Manufacturing
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 30