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Company Overview: Miller Exploration

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Miller Exploration
3104 Logan Valley Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49685-0348

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Website: www.mexp.com
Phone: 231-941-0004
Phone: 231-941-8312

The Company is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with exploration efforts concentrated primarily in two regions: the Mississippi Salt Basin and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Northwest Montana. Miller emphasizes the use of state of the art 3-D seismic data analysis and imaging, as well as other emerging technologies, to explore for and develop oil and natural gas in its core exploration areas. Miller is the successor to Miller Oil Corporation ("MOC"), an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production business first established in Michigan by members of the Miller family in 1925. References herein to the "Company" or "Miller" are to Miller Exploration Company, a Delaware corporation, and its subsidiaries and predecessors.

Miller Exploration began exploring in the Mississippi Salt Basin in mid-1993. The exploration was entirely driven by re-processed 2-D seismic data. More recently, 3-D seismic data has been utilized in interpreting the Salt Dome play. To date, Miller Exploration has participated in wells that have multiple pay potential from 5,200-17,000 feet in nine (9) separate horizons. The exploration area is gas prone, and is associated with high potential oil and gas fields, eight of which have production over 100 BCFE. The exploration area has exceptional infrastructures allowing the wells to be put on-line in less time and at lower costs. In 1998, Miller Exploration acquired approximately 400 square miles of 3-D seismic in the Mississippi Salt Basin. The 3-D seismic provides much better definition of the edge of the salt dome, identifying prospective areas that had not been seen on the 2-D seismic, in addition to giving greater detail for proper drill site selection. To date, the 3-D seismic data has been confirmed by drilling at Midway Dome, Centerville Dome, Kola Dome, Richmond Dome, and Moselle Dome.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Exploration and production
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: NASDAQ
Stock Ticker: MEXP