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Company Overview: Joule Processing, LLC

Company Information
Joule Processing, LLC
P.O. Box 66751
Houston, TX 77266

Contact Information
Website: www.jouleprocessing.com
Phone: (713) 481-1864
Phone: (713) 481-1887

Joule Processing, LLC is an engineering and procurement firm that specializes in providing producers and midstream companies with complete solutions for natural gas processing and treating. Joule brings the latest technological expertise in engineering as well as cutting-edge amine, cryogenic, refrigeration and J-T plants. We have in-depth knowledge of emerging resource plays and pride ourselves on working directly with our clients to evaluate each scenario to provide the most cost-effective and conducive solutions in the ever-changing dry and wet gas windows.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Gas Processing and Treating Equipment
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 4