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Company Overview: Rock-Tech International

Company Information
Rock-Tech International
12617 E. FM 917
Alvarado, TX 76009

Contact Information
Website: www.rocktechinternational.com
Phone: (817)473-0500
Phone: (817)473-0504
Executive Contact: Judy Herndon
Sales Contact: Heather Elliot

In 2008, a dream was conceived by two long-time business associates/friends of leaving the big corporate world in the DTH Drilling Industry and reach for the stars… On April 1, 2008 (and we were not kidding!), that dream was put in motion and came to fruition with Rock-Tech International being formed by Judy Herndon and David Griffin. Rock-Tech International is headquartered in Alvarado, Texas. Judy has over 29 years industry experience in the water well, oil and gas drilling industry and David has over 34 years industry experience including 12 years living in the Middle East working in Oil/Gas drilling operations. From its start, the company has been involved in the manufacture and product offering of DTH drilling tools. Judy and David believe there is a tremendous opportunity to provide prospective customers with better personal service along with proven quality products from a small highly customer focused operation.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: DTH Drilling Bits and Tools
Ownership: Private