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Company Overview: Wearlon Corp Industrial Coatings

Company Information
Wearlon Corp Industrial Coatings
Wilton, NY 12831

Contact Information
Website: www.wearloncorp.com
Phone: 518 469 3612
Sales Contact: Scott Hogan

Wearlon Corp is the OEM of a line of water based, low VOC Industrial Coatings designed to be an environmentally friendly alternative to PTFE, without sacrificing performance in a wide variety of industrial applications. Wearlon has formulations for non-stick, friction reduction, mold and form release, as well as corrosion prevention and marine applications. Wearlon 2020.90/2020.98 sytem is successfully used in petroleum industry . •Reduces drag resistance of oil flow through pipes •Discourages paraffin build-up •Demonstrates superior corrosion resistance •Resistant toward H2S •Resistant toward acids (H2SO4) •Provides easy clean-up of oil from surfaces -Environmentally friendly, EPA compliant

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial Coatings
Ownership: Private