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Company Overview: STREN

Company Information
419 Century Plaza Drive, #240
Houston, TX 77073-6028

Contact Information
Website: www.stren.net
Phone: (281) 951-3000
Phone: (281) 829-5909
Executive Contact: Ken Schmitt

Stren, Inc. is a fundamental engineering company acting as designer, developer, integrator, manufacturer and marketer in a number of different industries. The cross-pollenization of techniques, information and technology that occurs, due to the wide range of resources available to the company, results in terrific value enhancements for customers. Whether the products are as basic as conventional sand control technology or as advanced as fuel cell power generation, Stren brings a broad palette of expertise to the table. Stren Oilfield Products designs, manufactures and sells downhole tooling for the oilfield. These products include Stren Sand Control Products, Stren Gas Separation Products and Stren Completion Products, to date. Ongoing research and development in a number of related areas points to a bright future for this primary division. Areas of interest include downhole expandable tubulars and sand screens. Ongoing research into applications utilizing microwave and fuel cell technology promises new and innovative ways to enhance the recovery and production of in situ reserves.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Artificial Lift
Ownership: Private