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Company Overview: Drillchem Drilling Solutions

Company Information
Drillchem Drilling Solutions
4301 South Loop 336 East
Conroe, TX 77316

Contact Information
Website: www.drillchem.com
Phone: 281-713-8941
Phone: 281-713-8942

Drillchem Drilling Solutions was organized in September of 2000 in order to provide solutions to the costly drilling problems that plague oil and gas companies. The founders saw a need for a more efficient and effective approach to drilling in high-problem regions of the U.S. and internationally. Armed with a new generation of high-performance mud additives, they set out to apply proven engineering techniques to lower drilling cost overruns associated with lost circulation, stuck pipe, and shale instability. Drillchem provides custom-tailored solutions to help operators reduce the time and costs required to drill their wells. These savings are achieved through minimizing or eliminating drilling problems and unproductive flat lines by: - Controlling lost circulation - Reducing stuck pipe occurrence - Inhibiting troublesome shales The mission of Drillchem Drilling Solutions is to utilize our proprietary line of drilling fluid additives, combined with proven engineering techniques, in ways that reduce the time and cost required to drill oil and gas wells.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Drilling Fluid Additives
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 40