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Company Overview: Naft Asia Process Company

Company Information
Naft Asia Process Company
K-7/18 DLF City-2
Haryana, 122002

Contact Information
Website: www.naft-asia.com
Phone: +91-124-4146518
Phone: +91-124-4146518

Naft Asia is a process company manned by highly experienced engineers with world class experience and active in many fields. We offer consultancy to petroleum refining, petrochemicals, petroleum speciality products and many non petroleum /petrochemicals / process industries.We have extensive experience in petroleum refining and related fields, spanning over three decades in the field of process design, refinery operational planning, international marketing and project planning. The company was founded by Dr Surinder Parkash, who holds a Ph.D degree in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: consultancy
Ownership: Private