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Company Overview: Rig Mats

Company Information
Rig Mats
Box 29, Site 13, R.R. #1
Legal, Alberta, T0G 1L0

Contact Information
Website: www.rig-mats.ca
Phone: 1-866-326-3539
Sales Contact: Scott

Our Eco-Flex® rig mats are made from recycled rubber tires. With industries being pushed to use sustainable products made from recycled materials now there are other solutions other than rig mats made from steel and wood. The rubber crumb recycled from tires is a primary petroleum based material, using a material base like this in products such as rig mats is a perfect sustainable product for the Oil & Gas Industry. By using recyclable materials in any business activity offers a better marketing image to the general public and customer base plus many products made from recycled materials are proven to be better or of equal quality in comparison to other conventional manufacturing techniques and materials.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: 1-866-326-3539
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20