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Company Overview: TMS Co. Ltd Cameroon

Company Information
TMS Co. Ltd Cameroon
P. O. Box 5001
Littoral, 237

Contact Information
Website: www.tmsgroup.biz
Phone: + 237 33 42 50 32
Executive Contact: Tahbah Benedict
HR Contact: Gabin Mary
Sales Contact: Afongang Jonathan
Investor Contact: Mbuh Eric

TAHBAH MARINE SERVICES Company Limited (TMS Co Ltd) is a legally recognized Maritime Company registered under Company Registration no RC/DLA/2010/B/634. TMS is an experienced Maritime Services Company that has been for the past seven years offering quality and satisfactory services to its clients. TMS respects both the MARPOL 73/78 convention and the legal clearance of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection and the Douala Port Authority (PAD. In TMS, we deliver quality and precision on time. In TMS Co Ltd your satisfaction is our want.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Maritime operations
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 105