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Company Overview: TRU Exploration LLC & TRU Operating LLC

Company Information
TRU Exploration LLC & TRU Operating LLC
5101 E. University Dr.
Suite 617
Denton, TX 76208

Contact Information
Website: www.truexploration.com
Phone: 940-202-2319
Phone: 469-519-3954
Executive Contact: Trent Trubenbach
HR Contact: Donna Burton
Sales Contact: Trent Trubenbach
Investor Contact: Trent Trubenbach

The roots of TRU Exploration extend from the late 1800's. The principle of TRU Exploration have been associated with oil and gas for the entirety of their respective lives. Mr. Trubenbach’s family drilled their first well in the late 1890’s. The history didn't stop with the inception of these drills either; it became the family business for the following generations. Throughout the next four generations, these family evolved in the oil and gas business and created drilling, exploration, service, and consulting companies which creates tremendous resources to draw knowledge from. TRU Exploration maintains over a hundred years of drilling records in fields that have shown substantial production, and in turn have the ability to tap into this large “bank” of experience and knowledge that helps the company better understand risk and reward scenarios for future development.TRU Exploration learned from its ancestry that the way to maintain stability in the oil and gas business is simply done by one word, Integrity. TRU Exploration’s company motto has always been, “Do the right thing for the right reason.” It is a simple thought and credo to live by, no matter the situation. Oil and gas well drilling has significant risks and responsibilities, and our company prides itself on being full disclosure to all parties involved in the partnership. All too often in today’s economies, it is about the “quick buck” and companies sacrifice their own integrity to facilitate their business. As our families have done for over 100 years, TRU Exploration drills for oil and gas reserves in order to create a cash flowing asset. The principles of TRU have drilled wells in many areas throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana. Our experience has taught us to focus on areas that have proven reserves at shallower depths, and leave the “Wildcatting” to companies that are more risk tolerant.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oil & Gas Exploration.
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 35