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Company Overview: Denbury Resources

Company Information
Denbury Resources
17304 Preston Rd.
Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75252

Contact Information
Website: www.denbury.com
Phone: 972-673-2000
Phone: 972-673-2150

The strategy of Denbury Resources Inc. is to achieve attractive returns on capital through prudent acquisitions, development and exploratory drilling, and efficient operations. As part of this strategy, Denbury remains focused in specific regions, acquires high working interests in high-quality, mature oil and gas fields, and seeks to obtain operatorship of all of its significant properties. Denbury also focuses on maintaining a highly competitive team of experienced and technically proficient employees by rewarding its employees with broad-based stock option and stock purchase plans and maintaining a positive work environment.

One of the most recent projects that illustrates Denbury’s strategy is the $12 million acquisition of Little Creek Field during September 1999. At the time of acquisition, this field was producing approximately 1,350 BOE/d. In the ten months that the Company has owned the field, production has increased approximately 50% to an average of approximately 2,000 BOE/d during the month of June 2000 and the Company estimates that the proven reserves have increased 50% to approximately 8.4 MMBOE as of June 30, 2000.

The Company’s largest acquisition to date has been the Heidelberg Field in Mississippi, acquired from Chevron in December 1997. This field was producing approximately 2,700 BOE/d at the time of acquisition. Even though this field was not developed as quickly as originally planned due to the low oil prices during 1998, production has increased each quarter with an aggregate increase of 144% since being acquired, to an average of 6,576 BOE/d for the first quarter of 2000. Production at this field is expected to continue to climb, primarily as a result of production responses in the waterflood units. The proven reserves increases at Heidelberg have more than offset production with proven reserves of 32.8 MMBOE as of December 31, 1999 as compared to 30.6 MMBOE as of December 31, 1997.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Exploration and production
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: NYSE
Stock Ticker: DNR